The Frimley & Wexham  Maternity Voices Partnership meets regularly throughout the year to discuss local maternity services.

Once a quarter, the volunteer user representatives gather feedback from local women and their families about their experiences in the last two years.  This feedback might be collected at local mum and baby groups, breastfeeding support groups, baby weigh-in clinics, or by chatting to mums on the postnatal wards at either Frimley or Wexham Park Hospitals.

The users meet to collate all the feedback they have gathered, and see if any themes are trending. We are always keen to learn what is being done well, as well as where improvements are needed. At this meeting, we also put together the agenda for the formal meeting, using the women’s voices we have heard as a guide.  We do not deal with complaints but are looking to plan and develop more services in the future.  Complaints should be raised with your health care provider.

At our feedback meeting, we host a formal meeting, which is attended by parents and parents representatives, Frimley Health Care staff (midwives, doctors, the Head of Midwifery etc), and a representative from the Frimley Trust Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). This is an opportunity for the staff and commissioners to hear the voices of the women who are using the service, and to see what changes need to be made to the way services are delivered, and how previously suggested changes are doing. 

Not all volunteers are needed to attend this quarterly meeting, but it is good to have two or three there, so they can contribute to the wider discussions.

There will also be opportunities for users to get involved in specific projects where input is needed from volunteers.

Babes in arms are welcome at all our meetings.

MEETINGS FOR 2023 coming soon

Come and join your local maternity voices partnership group.

Formal MVP Meeting dates 2023  – TBC


Please contact us if you would like to attend



Image credited to Frimley Health and Care